Managed dedicated server details

So you need a dedicated server, but want someone else to manage it? It's a good choice. Here's what we offer:

  • The operating system will be installed, configured & monitered for performance
  • The firewall (IPTables) will be configured as per your requirements
  • Firewall logs will be cmonitered looking for intrusion attempts, reports will be generated
  • Site traffic reports will be made available (Webalizer) so you can tune your marketing.
  • Applications within our list of supported appswill be installed & configured. If you have something you need outside this list please let us know. We don't always charge just because we're not familiar with something!
  • Application logs will be monitored for errors/performance enhancements
  • Backups of applications/data will happen daily or weekly, depending on your requirements.
  • Up to 2 restores a month of application data.
  • Restores of the full server due to hardware failure.

Unfortunately we do need to limit what we will do:

  • Applications outside our normal application stack may require an extra charge for management/installation.
  • Restoring a server due to mallicious damage will incur a charge.
  • Web/application programming, while certainly a service we provide, is a chargeable service.
  • Onsite server reboots - physically pressing the button as opposed to remote reboots - will incur a charge, and we will probably want to talk to you about why it's necessary! However, this is highly unlikely!

Please note that this is NOT a web panel solution. All applications are installed & configured to you requirements giving the best possible performance!

Please also read our Terms & conditions

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