Design & Host package details

So you've decided this packages is for your busines, it's a good choice! Here's what you get:

  • Your website templates designed. We'll need input from you for design (website styles you like, examples of what you consider good) & we'll work with you to create something you like. You will need to supply us with company graphics etc. If you need logos designed, we can refer you to partner companies, but logo design is not included.
  • Up to three different templates are provided, allowing a different look & feel for different parts of your site if you want.
  • Web hosting will be set up for you. We'll install the content management system, which allows you to make content changes (change text, upload photos & create galleries, videos etc)
  • You get 500MB of disk space to use for your content. Most websites use only a few 10s of MB, so this is ample even if you want photo galleries!
  • Email at your place. We'll configure your mail server to recieve mail at your domain to make your site feel more professional - no more!
  • We'll back up your site every week to an external location. If you break the site we'll restore it for you, up to twice a month free of charge.

Here's the extras:

  • Because we're trying to keep the costs down, we re-use your existing corporate graphics. If you require new graphics it's over to you - although we can certainly put you in touch with excellent graphic designers.
  • We're trying to provide you with a simple to use Content Management system so you don't have extra costs, but sometimes it's just easier to have someone else make changes for you. We're happy to do it, even at short notice, but it will be a chargeable extra.
  • Need a site redesign? New branding maybe? No problems, but after the site acceptance we will need to charge for it.
  • Restoring your site from backups should never be necessary, but it's no problem. However, we do need to limit it to twice a month. If you need it more than that there will need to be a charge. We'll probably also need to talk to you about more training on the CMS!

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